For My Baby

Today I lost Glue. My baby squirrel. No, he wasn’t ‘just a squirrel’ and the fact that I can see 10 other squirrels in my garden doesn’t mean the same. He was and always will be a significant member of our family. My baby. The one we’d all always be eager to see the moment we opened our eyes in the morning or entered home. The one even our big baby dog, Casper, accepted will need a little extra care so he’d patiently sit in front of us and wait for us to ensure that Glue was well fed before we took Casper for a walk.

Glue, we found you almost lifeless and cold in our gazebo on 11th July, 2017 morning after a heavy rainfall. While we attempted to revive some life in you, you definitely revived some life in us with your beautiful, tiny hands and a zest to live. The next time I saw you, you were close to 5 weeks old and had finally opened your eyes. You stole our hearts with every gesture, the way you jumped with excitement when you saw your sipper with milk, the way you’d shake your head or hide your face in my hands when you didn’t want to drink it anymore, the way you finally managed to jump out of your box and come sleep on my neck in the middle of the night, the way you’d adjust yourself on my hand and rest as if that’s what your nest was actually supposed to be, the way you’d run after me calling out to me every time I’d try to make you practice living independently and so many other beautiful moments. I loved the way you climbed on my foot and ran all over me to find the perfect spot, or just placed your hand on my lips in an attempt to tell me something. I was so surprised and happy to see how my wise, little baby placed his face between my fingers while I was giving him a bath in order to avoid any soap reaching his eyes. Your little body in my hand, while I could sense was scared of the water I knew felt safe with me. I loved you through every moment and I always will. You gave my life a light that will always stay. I got used to your presence so easily and now a part of me just feels empty. I may take time to get used to this. I will hold on to your box, your sipper, your little sheet and the beautiful memories for now. Thank you for coming into our lives and giving us so much happiness through these few weeks.

I love you, little buddy.
I miss you. I miss your chirps.
My Glue.
Rest in Peace.


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