I Found Love

I began my quest for love, prepared with every shield. Ready to take on a few bruises and scars, while in search for something real.   I searched the willow of the mountains, leaving no stone unturned. I swam across the ocean and its fountains, left with my hope truly burnt.   Almost tired of... Continue Reading →


Spreading Love Challenge

An attempt to make some more good use of social media. We are all humans, who seek some sort of love, comfort and approval from one another. We all go through a few ups and downs and feel each other's need or sometimes don't even realise that another person's presence could help. While we all... Continue Reading →

The Johari Window

What is the Johari Window? The Johari window, also known as the Disclosure/Feedback model, is a model used to improve self-awareness and to help people understand their relationship with themselves and others. It represents information about a person's personality through four different perspectives. The four Johari Window perspectives are called quadrants. Each of these quadrants... Continue Reading →

For My Baby

Today I lost Glue. My baby squirrel. No, he wasn't 'just a squirrel' and the fact that I can see 10 other squirrels in my garden doesn't mean the same. He was and always will be a significant member of our family. My baby. The one we'd all always be eager to see the moment... Continue Reading →

She’s mine?

This one is for me. Aaaah. I’m a step closer yet far away. I need closure to pave the way. From this state that defies me but holds me and guides me. With the man that resides in thee, steers me but finds me. Or is it that spark that lives inside me, she burns... Continue Reading →

My Real Wanderlust

This one is me still moving forward.  Wonder what depression is like?  It’s when listening to a sound seems tiring. It could be somebody’s words of love for you, your favourite song, the sound of two spoons clashing, and all you want to do is shout and shut them all off.  You want to shout... Continue Reading →

Understanding the Power of Compound Interest

Wonder what would the right age for you to start investing? Wonder how compound interest can play a role in making this decision? Hopefully this post will help you get some answers.  “My wealth has come from a combination of living in America, some lucky genes, and compound interest.” – Warren Buffett What is compound interest?... Continue Reading →

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